Photography Tour

Photographs have a major influence in creating areas of wildlife protection, documenting a species or habitat, and educating people on wildlife and the environment. Keeping this in mind, Elephant Gorge Camp offers photography tours in Amboseli that simply add to your safari experience.

We are a private lodge set in an exclusive conservation area within Amboseli. There is an abundance of wildlife featuring the largest concentration of elephants in Kenya. The story of these roaming giants lives strong within the land and is reflected in our facility. Our Photography tour in Amboseli is a perfect opportunity for those who want to photograph the big tuskers and the huge herds of elephants of Amboseli National Park set against the backdrop of Mt Kilimanjaro. Besides elephants, Amboseli also supports a healthy population of birds and big cats that are worth capturing in your lens.

We also offer an authentic Maasai experience, star gazing special bush picnics & dinners with sundowner events. Elephant Gorge Camp is a true adventurer’s paradise where the spirit of the land and that of man live as one.

We believe all these experiences are worth documenting. Therefore, we offer customized photography tours in Amboseli for the ultimate indulgence with the wildlife of Africa. Photos and footage make wildlife and nature accessible and relatable to people around the world, especially to those who may never see an elephant or have no knowledge of the Maasai community in person in their lifetime.

Local knowledge is essential to enjoy the best photography near Amboseli National Park. Fortunately, we are blessed with local guides who know the Amboseli National Park and its environs like the back of their hand and they know the best photo taking sites as well. Rest assured that you will fill up your memory cards with tons of photographs that are worth showing to your friends and family when you get back home.

“A picture is worth a thousand words”.