Walking Safaris

A safari experience in Africa is one of the greatest adventures any traveler will embark on. Freedom of travel, satellite connections informing of animal sightings, aerial views of scenic splendor have all added to the modernization of the whole African safari experience but still, the untamed wilderness, beautiful natural surroundings, traditional cultures and unforgettable African wildlife encounters remain.

We organize thrilling game drives into the park in search of the relaxed elephant herds, then stopping for a while to watch the families in action. It’s a sight that’s as far removed from cityscapes as you can get.

We have professional guides and uniquely designed open vehicles for game viewing both during the day and night. Get to observe wild animals in their natural habitats; to see how they interact, feel, touch and smell the trees, the bushes, the rocks and the tracks – and spot birds.

Then top it up with a thrilling sundowner experience in the evening of a delicious gourmet meal in the bush, while taking in truly dazzling vistas to toast the close of another day in Africa.